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Greetings from the Alfonso Family


ESA hotel was first founded in 1970 by our father, the late Silbester Alfonso.  His dream was to be able to provide good quality accommodations for an affordable price to people visiting Yap.  He started the business by opening a hotel with 8 rooms and later added a restaurant and tour service.  As we, his children, grew up, we became actively involved in the operations of the hotel.  In 1998, we were able to expand the ESA Hotel to include ESA Bay View Hotel complex which caters to the needs of people traveling to Yap for business as well as those visiting for pleasure.  We hope that you enjoy your stay with ESA Bay View Family Hotel.

The Alfonso Family


ESA Bay View Hotel
PO Box 141
Colonia Yap, FM 96943
Phone: (691) 350-2139
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